Our special sauce is technical elegance. Whether you are a consumer needing to get information and complete tasks more quickly, or a business, non-profit or government organization that needs to save money through streamlining information access, EPACCA is building products for you. IKE understands what you need by letting you describe it in your own words.

Technology Brain

IKE SmartPACC for business can be used in Data Governance and Self-Service Analytics roles to break down information silos, seamlessly interconnecting concepts across structured databases and unstructured documents and rich media files. Use SmartPACC to manage the Enterprise Glossaries, Taxonomies and Folksonomies and Canonical Information Models to add semantic metadata that brings data to life, delivering actionable information.

In search and inquiry, IKE can be used to automate all inquiries, using smart dialog to triage the request, answering most level one questions using crafted responses, including guiding a customer or employee through a set of steps or delivering answers from databases, documents or whatever type of information is required for complete accurate support.

Dialog is the key. Our patented context-based dialog and search capabilities go beyond the simple requests you are permitted with an IVR, Google or Siri.

Long Lost Cousin is a Genealogy game for consumers that leverages our intelligent technology. IKE Mobile is an app on your iPhone/iPad or Android device that speaks with you to learn your needs, then gets the answers or performs the task you require.