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IKE?Semantic Suite

IKE Semantic Suite is a set of tools that combine with existing systems to add intelligence to create maximum value chains. Increase data literacy and use it to make all your systems more accessible to users, and build smarter processes to become more competitive.

IKE Knowledge Discovery Crawlers: Bots that use machine learning (ML) to learn the meaning of databases and documents and build the ontology, glossary and metadata

IKE Semantic Knowledge: The set of tools that combines Ontology, Metadata, Glossary built by Bots to provide enterprise Metadata curation and stewardship tools

IKE Process Modeler: Workflow script, rule, inference and dynacap processing engines that interpret defined processes and run them start to finish

IKE Natural Language: The most intelligent interpreter, dialog and translation solutions to add meaning to key systems in the portfolio

IKE Semantic Suite Components

IKE Answer Engine 

IKE Interpreter

IKE Rules Engine/Wizard

IKE DynaCap FACT Wizard

IKE Profile Manager

IKE Translator

Correlates input with context to initiate search and information retrieval, then validate and select the best answer

Natural Language interpreter that determines the intent of the speaker and supports scripts, rules, search and translation

Forward- and backward-chaining inference engine and drag and drop Rules definition tool with standard operators, conditions (LH) and consequences (RH)

Dynamic data capture definition tool to tie information to processes and rules to specific FACTS and concepts

Builds knowledge profiles about people, organizations and systems to represent their focal points and goals

A natural language translator based on meaningful interpretation and context-based concept conversion for higher accuracy