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Create a Sustainable Enterprise Portfolio

Joe Roushar - August 2016 I have often heard COOs and CIOs lament the fact that systems need to be replaced too frequently because they tend to be brittle and costly to adapt. Yet changes in the marketplace and regulations force companies to update [...]

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Natural Language and Modeling Intent in EIM

Joe Roushar - May 2019 Competitive Advantage Is your organization ready forĀ a future with significantly more advanced and competitive information management strategies? Are you ready for the inevitable turbulence that accompanies changes: even those that are mostly evolutionary, but some revolutionary? It's time [...]

Architecture of Actionable Knowledge

Joe Roushar - November 2016 Getting the Knowledge Out How do you know -- anything? Chemicals and electrical impulses splash around in the brain, and voila: we understand the meaning of life, the universe and everything. We have looked at how synapses connect [...]

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Enterprise Information Manager

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