Finally, cognitive software that plugs seamlessly into your existing systems and brings value to every person in every area of your organization. Where integrating machine learning, natural language processing and advanced intelligence used to cost so much it could only survive on small remote islands , IKE Semantic Suite is so fast and easy to implement, and so affordable, that you can bring the promise of AI to those who need it with a fraction of the pain of competing solutions. Here’s how it works: You specify outcomes you require and describe the pain points. Ideal scenarios involve multiple systems and some manual processes that are –

  1. Time-consuming or error-prone
  2. May involve communication between different teams
  3. Require coordination of data from different systems
  4. Involve complex decision-making or rules with exceptions

We work with your team to define better processes and determine ideal points for insertion of AI technology, and metrics to prove the business value. We set up a Proof-of-Concept, then test it against one or more of the established success metrics. The results speak for themselves.

Today enterprise information is stuck in silos known for SQL join limitations, narrow hierarchies and potential security gaps. Commercial software, custom internally-built software and SaaS systems all behave independently, hoarding their own data, and by design, making integration unwieldy.?The rapidly increasing volume, variety and velocity of data within reach of business users makes MEANINGFUL, secure information access more important than ever. Siloed, inconsistent security mechanisms weaken trust, and make compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR more difficult and costly.

IKE ties information and systems together into a semantic fabric of business value, accessible through a single, intuitive interface. No other system treats all information assets, structured and unstructured, as a single body of information assets.

The variety of content formats, including images and videos, and the need to rate the reliability, as well as sensitivity of information from different sources, are beyond other systems’ capabilities. Many companies have initiated aggressive programs to radically change the way they master data, but these programs are typically limited in scope and only apply to data in relational databases. Downstream processes are also in transformation as companies reevaluate the?way they process information of all types and attempt to implement bottom-up change including self-service business intelligence and analytics.

IKE’s innovative strategy is to work with your systems as they are, and add intelligence to the existing apps in the IT portfolio.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]